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24 enero 2012 2 24 /01 /enero /2012 07:36
In your arms i´ve got fate
you in my dreams, and i don´t want awake.
When the sun looked at us daily,
i´ve had you in my dreams barely.

I´m still sliding over your skin
my tender .. my blue mirror eyes.

I used to wake up with an angel!
I used to kiss him while he was sleeping
and i was happy of being me...

Happiness is the disease in the body
the disease i got  lonely
sweet agony mine ..
No remorse, sometimes no return.

In the starry nights, without answers
trough my window, i miss you..
im going to your arms again
i´m playing with my babe.
I am so lost in happiness, even hopeless
I´m not feigning...

I´ll sleep with an angel! I think to myself
With a little scary to be heard.
Take me home, i will not say a word..
Look at me ...
I surrender at you. . I declare yours
I dropped my heart
now i know that you have it.

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itzama 01/24/2012 16:02

Express your emotions in every line of your poem, passion, delight my eyes.

Excellent and congratulations!

Elina Felina 02/06/2012 07:20

hey, thank you so much!