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11 febrero 2012 6 11 /02 /febrero /2012 13:52
yesterday you ask me why of my love?
i´m always feeling or dreaming,
and good memories i got.
just about us, about my disease.
why of my love? you said again..
and you don´t get it yet,
hey you....(whispers in your ears)
 I love the way you make me feel
i got you tonto i got you close ..
the scary, the passion, the nothing
and further i´m still smiling..  
you see how it works,
it´s not a question , it´s not a job
it´s me and you, babe
is it any  doubt?
i love you since the first time,
 since you talked to me with the truth.
I love this man
who makes me smile,
Is the hapiness my favorite disease?
    ...Now its my life , and your not here
Babe .. im still smiling ,  smling for you.
Do you remember the disease?
without cure...? I think is love.


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