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22 junio 2012 5 22 /06 /junio /2012 13:28

Days that seem to never end,

my lonely nights in nowhere city,

 I keep thinking on my feelings.

 desire without rancor 

The one who  stayed in silent,



Me, hallucinating, 

 thinking about your day.

The more strong and close to death.

in mine, voluntary risks, 

i'm just,

trapping the need.


 The world is fair to me.

justice will come,

They waste the life so fast

moments, money, power  

The world is washing its hands


I wanted to write in silence

Countless words in my mind

But do not act right in quiet.

Again and again, I promise forces

Only a bubble in the sea,

a piece of oxidated steel.



Nothing compares , 

weight of my broders,

Seeing so thick as crude in power

I kill the last words to say

I wish your sorrow stay away



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